wordplot WordPlot - a function plotting add-in for Microsoft Word 2007

About WordPlot

WordPlot is a free template add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 allowing to create plots of functions. It features:

To install WordPlot on yout computer, download and run WordPlot-1.0-setup.exe. After installation, open examples document to appreciate WordPlot's abilities.

There are two ways to use WordPlot in your documents: adding WordPlot globally and creating a document based on WordPlot template. Both are described below.

Adding a WordPlot macro to global templates

Add WordPlot to global templates, if you want it to be available from any Word document:
  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Push the "Microsoft Office" button button image and then click Word Options
  3. Click Add-Ins
  4. In the Manage list, select Templates and click Go...
  5. Under Global templates and add-ins select WordPlot template. If it is now there, click Add and select WordPlot.dotm.

Creating a new WordPlot document

  1. Push the "Microsoft Office" button button image and then click Word Options
  2. Click New, then click My templates...
  3. Select WordPlot.dotm from the template list. If there is no such template, drag-n-drop it there from the WordPlot installation directory (usually "C:\Program files\WordPlot").
  4. In a security alert, click Options and then Enable. This will enabled WordPlot macros.

Creating a new plot

After WordPlot macro is loaded, a new tab called "Add-Ins" should appear in Microsoft Word menu. Place your cursor to any point in your document, go to the Add-Ins tab and click Insert/edit a WordPlot graph.

There are three ways to specify a plot, all require you to enter functions. Functions are expressions, containing variables, constants, parenthesis, and the following operations:

WordPlot functions and operations
Function/operation Semantics
+ - * / arithmetic operators
a^b raising a to power b
a**b raising a to an integer power b. A little faster then ^.
a mod b a modulo b
sin,cos,tg,,arcsin,arccos,arctg, trigonometry functions and their inverse
lg x, ln x decimal and natural logarithms
sqrt x square root, same as x^0.5
exp x exponentiation
abs x absolute value
ez(x) =1, if x=0; else=0.
sign(x) -1 if x<0, 
0 if x=0,
1 if x>0.

Fill all empty fields, specify parameter ranges and click (re)Build the graph.WordPlot will create a graph according to parameters you specified. You can then click Line styles to adjust graph and axis line styles.
You should rebuild the graph each time you change the axis's weight in order to change stroke lengths.

Editing a plot

You can edit graph parameters and rebuild a graph. Select a graph and click Insert/edit a WordPlot graph button.

A plot is essentially a Word "Drawing Canvas" with some graphics inside. You can change a graph using Word drawing tools, but remember: any changes will be lost after your rebuild a graph.

You can adjust labels font by changing the "Plot label (WordPlot)" style of the document.

Author and feedback

WordPlot is written by me,  Dmitry Negoda. Any ideas and wishes please send by e-mail: dmitry.negoda@gmail.com